• Sinking homes?
    Is your home sinking? It isn't going to raise itself...
  • We'll give your home a lift
    Don't worry, we'll give your foundation a helping hand.
  • Cracks? No problem!
    We repair all kinds of concrete damage including cracks, aging, and crumbling
  • We fix all types of homes and buildings
    Call us now - a sinking foundation gets worse every day.
Foundation problems?

King Piers is Kansas City’s family-owned foundation repair company. We have a long, flawless history of customer satisfaction. Using our proprietary, patent-pending King Pier technology, we deliver solutions for everything from the multi-story commercial buildings to the most delicate historical homes.

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“Making The World Level Again, 1 King Pier At A Time”

Concrete Repair

We professionally repair cracks, chips, and damage to concrete walls, basements, foundations, footings and more.


We can confidently diagnose and solve problems for commercial buildings. A combination of scientific structural analysis and a team with years of first-hand experience is behind our clean record of satisfaction.

Stone Foundations

The old homes in Brookside and elsewhere in Kansas City are beautiful, but they are built on a delicate stone foundation. This requires special care and, unlike traditional pier systems, we developed our King Piers with this in mind.

King Piers

Our innovative technique is based our own proprietary King Pier technology. Developed over years of industry testing, King Piers are a cutting-edge solution to stop sinking foundations, permanently.


We don’t believe in salesmen or representatives. Foundations are complicated, so we send our founder and CEO, Jim King to meet every customer and diagnose every problem.

What is the difference?

Proprietary Technology

Patent-pending, engineered and tested right here in KC.

Save Money

King Piers require less work to install, which means a lower cost for you.

Save Time

Our system is less invasive and quicker. We’ll be done before you know it.


Every job is unique. We develop a game plan for your individual situation.

Why King Piers?

There’s countless reasons, and here’s a few:

  • Kansas City based & family owned
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Our work is 100% guaranteed


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  • I always opt for small businesses when I need work done. King Piers gave me and my old, sinking house the attention it needed. A genuine American company with midwest values.by M Kemper

  • The King Piers team was fast, punctual, and pleasant. My house was literally cracking apart and they came in and fixed everything perfectly. Most importantly, I bid out the job to three other companies and the next lowest offer was twice the cost.by W Bergmann

  • Who says you have to compromise quality in order to save money? Their workers were professional and courteous, and they really went the extra mile to make sure everything was perfect!by A Swanson

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Quality Work

We love what we do, and we’re passionate about our customers. We have a brilliant, patent-pending technology that has cured hundreds of failing foundations. We stand behind our professional work with a full 25 year guarantee on each King Pier we install.