Basement-Foundation Repair Kansas City

Basement-Foundation Repair Kansas City

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Basement-Foundation Repair Kansas City

Many homes and commercial structures are settling due to several reasons. DRY soil beneath a concrete floor and footing are the main causes for foundation failure. Without moisture underneath your home you will start to see doors and windows not opening or shutting properly. Cracks will also start developing in the sheetrocked walls at the corners of windows and door openings. Finally there is a foundation pier that has proven to stand up and hold up to Mother Nature’s events within the last 10 years. Never has any King Pier failed after being installed underneath a once sunken concrete footing or basement floor. Our perfect record of successfully lifting a once sunken footing or floor back to it’s correct level elevation is unmatched by any other foundation pier system.  The King Piers Team of Foundation Piering & Repair Specialist will travel anywhere in the USA to SAVE a SINKING home, building or structure!

Jim King – President 816-521-8915 or

Grant Truster – Vice President 816-786-7043

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