Best Foundation Repair Kansas City

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Best Foundation Repair Kansas City

For the Best Foundation Repair Kansas City contact King Piers LLC. We save sinking homes by raising them back to the correct level elevation permanently. Never has a King Pier failed after being installed. Our team of foundation piering experts sets the standard in lifting a very heavy structure back to it’s true level elevation and then permanently keeping it level. The King Piers Team of Foundation Repair Experts will travel anywhere in the USA to Save a Sinking Business, Home, Structure or Concrete Floor. The King Pier II is what we used in St. Louis, Missouri when the King Piers Team raised a sunken concrete warehouse floor back to it’s true correct level elevation.

I am proud to offer the fine people of the United States of America the Biggest & Strongest Foundation Pier ever designed.  To date and No King Pier has failed after being installed under a once sunken concrete footing after bringing the footing back to it’s correct level elevation. The King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System has 5 different King Piers. The King Piers come with a minimum 25 year GUARANTEE that after we brink the footing back to level it will not Sink within this time period. We are now offering a LIFETIME Guarantee on The King Pier I & King Pier V.  These King Piers were designed to stand up to mother nature. To date they are doing just that. The King Piers have been installed all over the Midwest from farm homes to buildings in the City. The perfect hand dug King Pier holes enable us to use the earth as a form to encase the King Pier after the footing has been raised back to level. Never will we drill a hole into the footing or foundation wall. This is doing nothing but further deteriorating the weak footing and cracked foundation wall. The King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System is setting the Standard on Raising and Permanently Stabilizing a very Heavy Structure, whether it be a home, building, structure or concrete slab.

Jim King – President 

Grant Truster – Vice President or 816-786-7043

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