Engineering Sound Foundation Repair Kansas City

What a start to Spring of 2020. This has been the year of the worldwide pandemic called the Covid-19 or also known as the Corona Virus. Throughout all of this King Piers crews kept working day in and day out doing the Nations best engineering sound foundation repair. None of our customers projects fell short […]

King Piers: Kansas City Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing

NOTICE: The No. 1 Ranked Foundation repair company on all ranking sites, are PAYING ($500 a month) for that No. 1 Ranking. Beware Homeowners When hiring a foundation repair contractor you are literally rolling the dice that your contractor won’t get paid for tearing up your foundation and concrete basement floors. King Piers LLC is […]

Engineering Sound Foundation Piers & Repair

Homeowners are literally rolling the dice when they hire a foundation repair contractor that: 1. Practices Engineering Sound Foundation Repair 2. The work won’t be overpriced. For all your foundation repair needs, call the Nations Best at Engineering Sound Proper Foundation Repair at 1-816-288-4373 or contact us through our website at Weekly I get […]

Nations Best Engineering Sound Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Kansas City

2019 has been a record breaking year for King Piers LLC. Our customers has been wonderful people to work for. In case you didn’t know King Piers LLC is the only foundation repair company that shoots daily videos of all our projects, from start to finish. We do this to show the world that King […]

Kansas City’s Best at Foundation Repair

Kansas City’s Best at Foundation Repair is King Piers LLC. King Piers LLC sets the Standard at proper Foundation Repair on every project. Our Customer reviews speak for themselves. The transformation of the cellar in Blue Springs, Mo. proves once again the King Piers Standard setting Foundation Repair.

Standard Setting Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Kansas City

Standard Setting Foundation Repair  KING PIERS LLC IS THE HIGHEST RANKED (non paid) FOUNDATION REPAIR & PIER CONTRACTOR IN KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI! I am passionate about the work King Piers puts out.  Every project is done like it was my own home. My crews are the “cream of the crop” when it comes to efficient, […]