Commercial Footing Underpinning Kansas City

Commercial Footing Underpinning Kansas City King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist 816-521-8915

The King Pier Team will be heading South to Peculiar, Mo. on Tuesday of next week for a quick 2 King Pier install on the back side of a sinking room addition.

Here is a picture of what will be supporting the footing after its been raised back up to it’s correct level elevation. This is a picture prior to the 2nd pour of concrete totally encasing the King Pier up to the top of the existing footing, Permanently STABILIZING the existing FOOTING!

Photo: The "King Pier"         

Below is one of our latest reviews coming from Ron M. in Concordia, Mo.

Dear James (Jim),
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Rating ★★★★★ 5.0 Date Approved 03/30/2014 Reviewer  Ron M. Reviewer Location Concordia, MO How You Know Them  They hired you Their Review Jim king and his crew are the best.I was very impressed by their knowledge and attentio…n to detail.They went up and above the call of duty by repairing cracks in the dry wall not caused by lifting of the foundation,but from settling over the last several years.They even took the left over dirt and filled in low spots in my yard.I have reffered all of my neighbors to king piers,as we all have similar settleing issues.


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