Kansas City Foundation Repair Specialist

Kansas City Foundation Repair Specialist www.kingpiers.com 816-521-8915

King Piers LLC the Foundation Repair Specialist present the below video of  2 King Pier installations in Peculiar, Mo.

Photo: Foundation Piers in Peculiar, Mo.

The next project for the King Pier Team will be in the WaldoBrookside area of Kansas City, Missouri where we will install 3 King Piers to a sinking footing. The King Pier is an innovative way to Permanently Raise and Stabilize a Sunken Footing.  Each King Pier contains 4 Cubic Yards or High Strength Concrete fully encased around 300 pounds of Steel, after the footing has been raised back to its correct elevation. The King Pier has not 1 case that after it has been installed, where it has sunk. I feel blessed to have created a piering system that WORKS and actually SAVES the homeowner THOUSANDS of dollars in comparison to other pier systems out there.

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