Certified GREEN

Certified Green The King Piers Methodology is vastly different than all other foundation pier systems. The King Piers System is known as a “Footing Support Pier”.  If you have ever built a home, you would know that the City in which you live has minimum specifications in regards to building your home.  King Piers LLC […]

Raising Stone Foundation

Raising Stone Foundation Foundation Repair Independence, Mo Foundation Repair Lees Summit, Mo Concrete Floors – Lenexa, Ks. Concrete Basement Floor – Overland Park www.kingpiers.com King Piers – Footing Support Pier The Earth Pier by King Piers LLC Introducing the King Pier V “ The Earth Pier”. Guaranteed to raise any sinking Building or Structure back […]

Footing Support Pier – Proven Best Solution for sunken footing

Foundation Repair Kansas City

Footing Support Pier – Proven Best Solution for sunken footing King Piers LLC and our team of Foundation Repair Specialist are saving foundations throughout the Midwest. If your basement wall is leaning inward our Methodology is non intrusive and does not damage the wall as other wall straightening systems often do. The king Piers LLC […]

Exposed Failed Foundation Repair Rip Off

Foundation Repair Kansas City

Virtually on a daily basis I see work from other foundation repair companies that basically sold the customers on a bill of goods that ends up not good.  King Piers LLC prides ourselves on being the absolute best at straightening a wall thats leaning inward or outward, lifting a footing that has sunk do to […]

Franchise Opportunities Footing Support Piers

Foundation Repair Kansas City

Franchise Opportunities Footing Support Piers King Piers LLC’s Footing Support Pier is in a league by itself thus the only one of its kind. The King Piers Methodology offers a total of 4 Footing Support Piers. The King Pier I, King Pier II, King Pier III and the King Pier IV. We have a King […]