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The King Piers System is the only pier system in the USA that GUARANTEES to raise any building, home or structure back to level… Guaranteed!

Parking Structure Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair

We professionally repair cracks, chips, and damage to concrete walls, basements, foundations, footings and more.

Foundation repair specialists

Stone Foundation

The old homes in Brookside and elsewhere in Kansas City are beautiful, but they are built on a delicate stone foundation. This requires special care and as a result, we developed our King Piers with this in mind.

Commercial Building Foundation Repair


Our foundation repair specialists diagnose and solve problems for commercial buildings. Through a combination of scientific structural analysis and a team with years of first-hand experience is behind our clean record of satisfaction.

Foundation Problems?

King Piers is Kansas City’s family-owned foundation repair company. Simply put, we are foundation repair specialists! We have a long history of customer satisfaction because we deliver solutions. Using our proprietary King Piers technology solution, we deliver successful results for many types of structures.

Essentially, foundation settlement is due to footing failure because the footing that the foundation wall sits on is sinking. Therefore, this failure brings the foundation wall down with it. The King Pier footing support system raises the footing back to level and as a result, the foundation raises back to its correct level elevation.

The King Pier is also unique in that it can be installed under most foundation types, including those without a standard concrete footing. We have successfully installed King Piers underneath concrete, block, stone, and brick foundations in all types of structures.

King Piers LLC, your foundation repair specialists!



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All our work is on YouTube

All our work is on YouTube!  Why?  Because we believe in transparency and we stand by our work!  King Piers LLC is the Nation’s Best at Engineering Sound Foundation Repair!

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