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10 Reasons to Choose King Piers LLC

10 Reasons to Choose King Piers LLC


I am passionate about the work King Piers puts out.  Every project is done like it was my own home. My crews are the “cream of the crop” when it comes to efficient, hardworking as well as stellar family men.  I consider every previous customer a member of the King Piers family, for life!  Our customer service is 2nd to none. It doesn’t matter if your foundation walls are leaning inward or outward or if your footing has failed the King Piers Methodology of proper foundation repair, will straighten and raise your foundation properly, without causing further damage to your footing or foundation wall.

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10 very important details that make King Piers LLC vastly different than all other #foundationRepair companies.
Is your foundation #kingpierstrong?

Important Notice:

King Piers LLC’s methodology
Is vastly different than all other foundation repair companies.

1. We are Certified Green
(We won’t contaminate your soil)
2. All foundation repair is of proven Engineered sound procedures.
3. We do not break off any part of the footing as most all other pier systems do.
4. We will be the only bid that guarantees to raise the footing back to its original level elevation, guaranteed.
5. We are the only foundation repair contractor that videos the start, middle and finished product. All project videos will be posted to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, google plus, Instagram and other social media outlets.
6. The king piers methodology does not include going to bedrock. King piers creates bedrock.
7. King Piers LLC will at no additional charge repair all existing and new drywall cracks after our king piers are installed.
8. King Piers has more real 5 Star reviews than any other foundation repair company in Kansas City.
9. The King Pier Methodology is stamped and backed by Norton & Schmidt Structural Engineers.
10. The King Pier is the Biggest & Strongest Foundation Pier being installed in the USA!

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