Exposed Failed Foundation Repair Rip Off

Exposed Failed Foundation Repair Rip-off! Exposed Failed Foundation Repair Rip Off Virtually on a daily basis, I see work from other foundation repair companies that basically sold the customers on a bill of goods that ends up not good and the homeowners are forced to make a costly and unwanted repair all over again. This […]

Stone Foundation Repair Guidance with Video Explanation

Need some stone foundation repair guidance?  Check out this post. Stone Foundation Repair and Care Stone foundations are not much used nowadays, but in certain old-style houses, they are still existent. Stone foundations are usually difficult to repair and require professionals to handle them. Reasons for Cracks in Stone Foundations Stone cracks in the foundation […]

Best Foundation Crack Repair Advice

Foundation repair specialists

Hey Blue Springs, MO!  Need your foundation repaired?  Give King Piers a call today! Not convinced?  Check out our YouTube channel, we film every job we do! Why Foundation Repair is Important Foundation repair isn’t easy! Foundation repair is the most complicated and the most expensive type of repair your home will ever need. This […]

Basement Waterproofing Guidance

Basement waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing Guidance   Basement Waterproofing Guidance Basement Waterproofing Repair Regardless of your level of knowledge and experience on the subject of basement waterproofing repair, my goal on this page is to share with you some useful things you do not know. I will start with some basic principles along with common terms and current […]

Basement Water Infiltration Help

Parking Structure Concrete Repair

Basement Water Infiltration Help   If your basement is susceptible to water infiltration during rain there is one big step you can take that will not break your bank. Consider a Sump Pump If the home or building does not have a Sump Pump and the water infiltration is due to groundwater, we would recommend installing […]

Basement Waterproofing Solution 101

Basement waterproofing

King Piers Waterproofing Solution The solid foundation stone of a home lies in its basement. If the basement is stable it allows the home to remain in a good condition. To have a home in good condition basement waterproofing is essential. A wet basement is always a cause for concern for homemakers and offices where […]

Do you Own a Commercial Building?

You’ve worked hard to build your business. We know that, and we want to help keep it safe. That’s why King Piers is your expert in foundation repair for your commercial building. Our goal is to help your business thrive while remaining safe. We understand the importance of keeping your employees productive, so we work […]

Concrete Foundation Repair in Kansas City

Understanding Your Concrete Foundation Slab What is a Concrete Slab? A slab is a single concrete base, with footings and other load-bearing elements added in for extra strength and stability (AND there are several types of concrete foundation slabs). This composition of materials works together seamlessly to anchor the home, while the exterior walls and […]

Landlord Must Do

What Every Landlord Needs to Know About Foundation Maintenance The most vital part of your rental property is the foundation, and you should guard it well. Since the foundation is out of sight, some landlords often ignore it. One of the worst nightmares that any landlord can face is a foundation problem. That is because […]

It’s a Seller’s Market – Get your house Sell-Ready!

red brown and white wooden and brick house

Get your house Sell-Ready! Get the House Ready to SELL! A house that “sparkles” on the surface will sell faster than its shabby neighbor, even though both are structurally well-maintained. Buyers feel more comfortable purchasing a well-cared for home because if what they can see is maintained, what they can’t see has probably also been […]