Award Winning Foundation Repair

Award Winning Foundation Repair

Must  See -Exposed Foundation Repair Scams

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Award Winning Foundation Repair in Weston, Mo.

King Piers LLC has set the standard for proper top notch foundation repair.  I look at around 36 houses a week on average and many of these homes has had previous foundation repair done by other foundation repair companies.  The work to be blunt and honest is horrible. It doesn’t matter if your talking piers, wall braces or crack repair, I see fraudulent work by other folks that are getting paid to tear up a foundation, let alone repair it.  King Piers has always had the reputation of doing work for great prices and the overkill and Engineering sound Methodology undoubtedly sets the Standard throughout the Midwest for proper foundation repairKing Piers LLC has more video content covering our projects.  These King Piers video’s are posted on,, Twitter & Instagram.  People visiting these sites can view all of our Award Winning Foundation Repair Videos.  The pride in the work that all of the King Piers Team gives each and every home is as though we are doing major work on our own homes. King Piers homes and buildings get the absolute best Foundation repair money can buy. King Piers LLC strives everyday to do the very best, Engineering Sound Foundation Repair.

If you are looking for Award Winning Foundation repair done on your foundation, King Piers LLC is the only call you can make to get the QUALITY you deserve!

Free Estimates! Call 816-288-4373 or 816-521-8915

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