cracks indicate sinking footing

Basement Crack Repair Lees Summit

Basement Crack Repair Lees Summit

Basement Crack Repair Lees Summit

Make King Piers your First Choice

The King Piers Team of Foundation Repair Specialist should be your First choice when needing foundation repair. Our record of customer satisfaction is unmatched. The King Piers I, II, III & IV offer our customers much more than any other foundation pier systems. Frequently the King Piers Team receives calls to re-pier a home or business using our King Piers Foundation Piering System.  No other foundation pier has 4 offsets to our King Pier I. To date and with over 4000 King Piers installed underneath footing all over the Midwest, our piers never fail to hold up. The King Pier is the Worlds Biggest & Strongest Foundation Pier you can support your once broken footing with.

We’ll travel anywhere

King Piers LLC’s Team of foundation repair specialists will travel anywhere in the USA to Save a Sinking home, building, or structure. The King Piers System is the Biggest and Strongest Foundation Pier ever engineered.

The King Pier System

King Piers LLC has 4 different offsets of the King Pier System. The King Pier I is our most frequently used foundation pier. King Pier II is our 2nd most used.  And the King Pier III & IV is used on buildings or homes that are setting on a hillside, such as the beautiful homes in Parkville, Mo. The King Pier III & IV will keep your home stable even in the most unsuitable soils. Our King Piers are installed underneath homes and buildings all over the USA and not one has Failed after its installation.

Our Success Rate

The competition is unmatched when it comes to our record of successful foundation lifting projects. Our way of lifting a sunken footing back to its correct level elevation never calls for the drilling of holes into an already weak and sunken footing or foundation wall. The other foundation pier systems require the drilling of holes into the existing footing or foundation wall.  This method does nothing but causes further damage to an already compromised footing and foundation wall. Moreover, we’re Environmentally Safe. Other Pier systems are not so friendly to Mother Earth and her Environment. The King Piers Foundation Pier System continues to set the Standard in lifting a building or home back to its correct level elevation and permanently stabilizing the structure!

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