Concrete bulkhead

Basement Foundation Crack Repair in Lee’s Summit

Raintree Lake in Lee’s Summit – wall braces and piers are set.  We are painting with our polyurethane to seal and remove all cracks.

The King Pier II underneath the footing after it has been raised back to its correct level elevation.

The compressive strength of the King Pier I, II, III & IV was based on the most unsuitable soil in the State of Missouri. The compressive strength of the King Piers was determined and stamped by Norton & Schmidt Structural Engineers. Having 4 different King Piers for every foundation footing repair need sets us apart from all other foundation piering and foundation repair contractors. Another factor in considering which foundation pier you want underneath your foundation footing is that the King Pier has never failed after being installed underneath homes throughout the Midwest and that includes Commercial Buildings. This is a huge factor in choosing the best pier for you. 
The King Piers LLC Team of Piering Experts will travel anywhere in the United States to save a sinking building, home or heavy structure.


The King Piers Methodology of lifting a very heavy structure that is sinking back to its correct true elevation is nonevasive to a deteriorating foundation wall or footing. Jim King and his King Piers Methodology are the Pioneers of lifting a heavy structure back to level and stabilizing the structure from ever settling again. No other foundation piering system has 5 offsets to our main King Pier I. The King Pier I is our most used foundation Pier. It is essentially 5′-7″ in High Strength Concrete fully encased around a 1/2″ steel load-bearing plate and the King Pier after the footing has been raised back to its true correct level elevation. Never has a King Pier failed after being installed. The King pier system is vastly different than that of other foundation piering systems. Other foundation piering systems require digging the entire side of a home’s soil down to the footing. The King Pier System never calls for drilling holes into the existing footing or foundation wall. Drilling holes does nothing but further destroy an already deteriorating foundation wall and footing. For a free Estimate contact the King Piers LLC Estimators!  We won’t make you wait!Basement Foundation Crack Repair in Lees Summit with Wall bracesContact us today!Visit our YouTube page and we’d really love a like and a subscribe – heck tell your friends!