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What causes foundation failure?

Foundation failure is caused by one thing. Most often or not the soil that foundation is laid on is the culprit. Usually, soils that are under foundations that have problems contain clay. Once this clay is wet, it often will not dry the same across the board and this can lead to the problem of foundation failure. The factors that can contribute to the soil getting wet are many things, weather, poor drainage, plumbing leaks, and even roots from trees that can upset the soil under your foundation.

The solution to foundation failure is something called Piering or underpinning. Piering is the process of lifting and stabilizing your foundation. There are usually two styles of steel piers used for this. Both are acceptable though they each are designed for a specific foundation. Talk to your contractor to find out which pier he feels is best for your house.

First, there are resistance piers that are hydraulically pressed straight down into the soil with the weight of the structure as a counterbalance. These piers go down until it reaches a layer of soil that is hard enough to support it. They work best in situations where the structure the needs to be raised has a very heavy load constraint. 

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