Basement Transformation in Blue Springs

Basement Transformation in Blue Springs

Best Foundation Repair – KC is King Piers LLC. King Piers LLC sets the Standard at proper Foundation Repair on every project. Our Customer Reviews speak for themselves. The transformation of the cellar in Blue Springs, Mo. proves once again the King Piers Standard setting Foundation Repair.

This cellar project was a successful one! We completely secured the walls, ceiling and removed all cracks…and there were plenty! Bulkhead walls built, walls mortared, painted and transformed it back to its glory days! We are so proud of this work and the homeowner is absolutely thrilled.

Each video below shows the entire project from start to finish. Have a basement or cellar that needs a facelift? Does it have too many wrinkles, aka CRACKS? Please call the King Piers team, we highly recommend ourselves and our customer reviews proves that without a doubt, we rank top-notch in our ability to transform any room or your home’s foundation back to a glorious picture of what it once had been.

Basement Transformation in Blue Springs

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