Basement Wall Crack Repair in the Northland

Basement Wall Crack Repair in the Northland – our footing leveling project so this homeowner can build a brand new patio. and a MUST see concrete rebar tip included!


Rebar tip included!

The King Piers Foundation Pier & Stabilization System has saved thousands of homes and buildings throughout the Midwest. The ‪#‎kingpiermethodology‬ was created by J.W. King the President & CEO of King Piers LLC. The King Pier System never requires the drilling of holes in the footing or foundation wall. King Piers LLC offers 4 different King Piers. The King Pier I, is our most used King Pier. The King Pier I is 5′-7″ thick of high strength concrete fully encased around the King Pier and Load Bearing 1/2″ steel plate underneath the footing after it has been raised back to its correct level elevation. The King Pier I is the King Pier we use on Large homes and commercial buildings. The King Pier II is the Pier used on 1500 square foot homes or smaller. The savings using the King Pier II in lieu of the King Pier I gives the customer $500 per savings. The Warranty for the King Pier II is 25 years. To date, no King Pier has ever failed after being installed. No other foundation pier system comes remotely close to the size and strength of the King Pier

The King Piers Team of heavy structure lifting experts is working on a project in Mission Hills, Kansas where we are lifting a sinking concrete room addition floor. The room addition was built on top of an existing concrete patio.  The contractor that built the room addition installed 12″ of 3/4″ clean aggregate rock on top of the patio, then they poured a 4″ concrete pad on top of the 12″ of gravel. The first time that I looked at the room addition floor I assumed it was sitting on dirt subgrade. The center of the room concrete floor was sunken and was in need of King Piers. We installed 4 King Pier II’s underneath the top 4″ thick concrete floor after we raised it back to level. I was very pleased with the lift and come Monday we will encase our King Pier holes with High Strength Concrete fully encasing the King Pier and Load Bearing 1/2″ steel plate.

The King Pier I is our most used foundation pier. To date, no King Pier has failed after being installed underneath a footing. The King Pier procedure of lifting the footing back to level is the most efficient and best way. No drilling of holes into an already weak and most likely broken footing or foundation walls that already have cracks. The King Piers way never calls for the drilling of holes anywhere in the footing or foundation wall.  All other piering systems require drilling holes, unlike the King Piers way.

The King Piers LLC team of foundation piering experts will travel anywhere in the USA to save a sinking home, building, or structure. Get the job done right the first time and join our King Piers Team of Happy Customers!

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