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Basement Water Infiltration Help

Basement Water Infiltration Help

King Piers LLC specializes in Commercial Foundation Repair. The King Pier System is the proclaimed Biggest and Strongest Foundation Pier ever designed. The King Pier Methodology comes from the Foundation Guru – Jim King. With over 30 years of Foundation Repair experience, dealing with virtually every difficult situation in regards to a Failing Foundation. When the Foundation Fails its due to the footing underneath the footing is sinking. The King Pier System to date has never failed to what we guarantee and that is to RAISE and STABILIZE a SINKING FOOTING. No other foundation piering system guarantees to raise and stabilize, but only stabilize.  The King Piers Team lifts footings all the time that have sunk 3 inches and with No Problem. It makes no sense to stabilize a footing to not sink anymore that has already sunk 3 inches. The King Pier Methodology does not include drilling holes into an existing footing or foundation wall.  This makes literally no sense to me to drill a hole for the helical pier brace on the footing because in every case the footings are already broke and inadequate in size and strength. If you are building a home and never want to deal with the foundation/footing sinking causing cracks in the walls and ceilings, pour a BIG FOOTING! What I recommend is a footing that is 4 feet in width at 3 feet in thickness.

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If your basement is susceptible to water infiltration during rain there are steps that you can take that will not break your bank! If the home or building does not have a Sump Pump and the water infiltration is due to groundwater, we would recommend installing a Sump Pump instead of a Water Track System that is more costly but comes with a guarantee. The King Pier philosophy is to only fix what is broken. We understand that most people don’t have an extra $20,000.00 to put underneath a home or building footing to raise and stabilize a sinking footing or an expensive but effective, Water Track System. Water can infiltrate through a crack on the foundation walls as well. In most cases if this happens and the basement is finished, the water will travel down the concrete foundation wall onto the floor/carpet/tile making the homeowner think he has a groundwater infiltration issue. In this case, if a sump pump was installed it would not solve the Water infiltration coming in from a crack in the concrete foundation wall. Most companies in the Foundation Repair/Waterproofing business will try and sell the homeowner the most expensive fix. NOT KING PIERS LLC! We believe in an honest approach to solving the water infiltration issue only. It does not matter what type of foundation your home has, they all need upkeep. On a Stone Foundation Tuck Pointing and painting a waterproofing compound over the stone walls is necessary every 10-15 years. It takes a Master Mason to renovate a Stone Foundation. A concrete foundation will develop cracks that will need to be filled with epoxy or Mortar. Cinder Block Foundation Will hold water inside the cinder block cell. This is not good due to Mold. The King Piers Team has thousands of happy customers from Kansas City Metro clear to St. Louis, Missouri. Basement Waterproofing 24/7 Hot Line KC 816-427-7097 Foundation Repair Peculiar Foundation Repair Raymore Commercial Foundation Piering Contractor KC

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We offer discounts to Senior Citizen & U.S. Military Veterans! The King Pier System has a flawless record of raising and stabilizing a sinking foundation back to its correct level elevation. Whether your home has a Concrete Foundation, Cinder Block Foundation, or a Stone Foundation the King Piers Team are Experts at all phases of foundation repair.  Add your name to the thousands of happy King Pier Customers. We stand behind our product with a 25-year Guarantee. To date, no other foundation piering system holds up as well as the King Pier. TYJ Commercial Foundation Repair Chicago Foundation Repair Buckner Foundation Repair Jackson County   KING PIERS LLC IS THE NAME YOU CAN TRUST! The King Piers LLC Team will travel anywhere in the USA to Save a Sinking Structure, Warehouse, Building, or Home.  The King Pier Foundation Piering System has been Saving Homes throughout the Midwest and Now Expanding our services to Anywhere in the USA.  The main reason is from the feedback of people all over the United States that have foundation issues and have interest in the proclaimed Biggest and Strongest Foundation Pier being sold. The King Pier Methodology comes from 30 years of foundation repair. There is nothing we have not seen when it comes to a foundation wall and footings. To sum up simply what the King Piers Methodology is based on Lifting super heavy structures from the bottom up. The King Pier hand-dug holes are what is critical to the King Piers System. We use undisturbed earth as forms underneath the home or building footings. The King Pier has a 100% Success Rate. Never have we failed to lift a sinking footing back to its correct level elevation. The King Piers Foundation Pier and Footing Stabilization System is the only foundation piering system that Guarantees to not only Stabilize a sunken footing back to its correct level elevation but to RAISE it back to its correct elevation as well. No other foundation piering system performs like the King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System. 

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