Basement Waterproofing with Sump Pumps

Basement Waterproofing Kansas City

Sump Pump an Important Component of a Dry Basement

It’s easy to take your home’s sump pump for granted – until a water problem arises in your basement. A sump pump removes excess water and drains it to the outside to alleviate the effects of water damage caused by basement flooding.

No matter if your home is built on low or even terrain, an accumulation of water can occur after heavy rains or be directed by improperly functioning gutters and make its way into the basement.

A functioning, effective sump pump helps keep your home and possessions dry, home structure sound, insurance rates even, and residents healthy and guarded against the effects of mold and mildew. A sump pump is even more effective when it is equipped with a sump pump alarm, which works to alert the occupants of a house when the water level is getting too high. A sump pump alarm is not very expensive and can be the difference between zero-damage and thousands of dollars worth of damage.

A sump pump is nothing less of a home investment and insurance against the loss of valuable possessions as well as a safeguard against harmful health effects caused by mold and mildew. Even one inch of water can take countless hours and dollars to clean up, as well as cause plumbing problems and a damaged foundation.

Basement Waterproofing Kansas City

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