Basement Waterproofing Project Explained

Basement Waterproofing Project Explained

Today –  January 20, 2014, the King Pier Team will be starting a WATERPROOFING project in Kansas City, Missouri. This basement always has visible moisture along the WALLS and FLOOR.  The King Pier Team will saw cut along the perimeter of the CONCRETE FLOOR and begin removing the concrete. Once the concrete has been removed we will dig down 2′ below the footing and install clean 3/4″ rock 8″ thick. I will then place 2 solid 4″ Pvc (with 1″ holes) wrapped with geotextile fabric to insure nothing but water gets trapped in the pipe. The pipe is then run to a Sump Pump Pit, where the groundwater will run into and then be pumped out by the SUMP PUMP. Install more 3/4″ Clean Rock on top of the pipe, spread evenly. Now we will place a thick mil PLASTIC over the rock to work as a moisture or condensation barrier. The final step is to pour 4″ of HIGH STRENGTH CONCRETE back matching the existing concrete floor elevation.  

The King Piers – Foundation Pier & Stabilization System is the BIGGEST & STRONGEST Foundation Pier on the market anywhere.  Each King Pier contains 4 cubic yards of high strength CONCRETE all encased around 300 pounds of high strength STEE after the footing has been raised back to its correct elevation.  No other system compares to the KING PIERS – FOUNDATION PIER & STABILIZATION SYSTEM! 

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