Commerical Foundation Piers Kansas City

Best Commercial Foundation Pier Kansas City

 The King Pier was designed to outperform and outlast all of the other foundation piering systems out there being installed today. So far my prediction is holding true on the King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System, not one failed King Pier to date.

The King Piers Team has put King Piers underneath footing during the rainy and severe drought happening just a couple of years back in 2012.  The King Pier has been installed in just about every different soil type there is.

The King Pier to date is holding up 2 commercial buildings on Front St & Universal Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. For a short history lesson;  the Missouri River used to run right in the middle of what is now Front Street, Kansas City, Missouri. The 2 Commercial buildings that the King Piers Team Lifted and Stabilized are still holding up and tight as the day we left the buildings.

The King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System has 3 different Foundation King Piers. The King Pier I is the Foundation Pier we Lift & Stabilize Commercial Buildings. The King Pier II is the Foundation Pier we Lift & Stabilize Homes. The King Pier III is the Foundation Pier we Lift & Stabilize Large Homes. The King Piers – WORLD PIER is the Pier we Lift & Stabilize Arenas, Bridges, Large Multiple Story Buildings. “MAKING THE WORLD LEVEL AGAIN…ONE KING PIER AT A TIME” Before: King Piers LLC After King Piers LLC King Piers LLC also specializes in Stone Foundation Repair and Revitalization. We can take a 100-year-old Stone Foundation and make it water-tight and absolutely Beautiful! 

The King Piers Team rubs the existing stone walls free of old concrete mortar and old waterproofing compound using wire brushes, before our Revitalization. Home Owners are Raving at their old but newly Gorgeous Stone Basement Walls! The King Piers Team are all Master Stone Masons! Best Commercial Foundation Piering Contractor in Kansas City 

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Best Commercial Foundation Pier Kansas City 

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