King Piers Sets the Standard

Attention!  King Piers Sets the Standard for Best Foundation Pier System!

Best Foundation Pier System anywhere around!

I am so proud of the King Piers Team. King Piers LLC absolutely sets the standard for doing the Best Foundation Repair in the Country. Our phone never stops ringing. King Piers LLC is a family-owned Foundation Repair Company that has 3 Generations of Experience in repairing what most say needs to be replaced. King Piers LLC takes pride in saving homeowners across the Midwest money, yet providing the Biggest and Best Foundation Pier money can buy. If your foundation walls are leaning inward, King Piers is the company to call. If your foundation walls are cracked and you need them permanently repaired, King Piers LLC is the Company you can trust. Give us a call 7 days a week 24 hours a day at 816-288-4373 to set up that Free Foundation Evaluation.

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King Piers LLC is the only company out there that provides the homeowner with before, during, and after videos of their project.

Check out a few recent videos by the King Piers Team

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