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Water infiltration inside your basement comes from openings on the foundation wall and floors. Openings could be a hairline crack or in a lot of homes, the basement concrete floor does not abut the concrete foundation wall. I’ve seen homes with a 1/4″ gap where the floor is supposed to meet the wall. When pouring a foundation the footing is poured generally first. Half Inch Rebar is generally used with vertical and horizontal runs. Sometimes the footing and walls are poured monolithically. This is when the footing and the wall are poured at the same time. The King Piers Team expanded a driveway in Kansas City, Missouri Brookside area. On this project the King Piers Team decided it was faster and would make the structure more structurally sound, so we poured the wall and footing monolithically. ¬†Installing foundation piers for over 30 years under footings I have seen it all when it comes to a foundation footing and wall failures. The King Piers Methodology of lifting a heavy structure never involves drilling holes into the structure. Drilling holes into an already small and weak footing is ridiculous and just dumb! The King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System sets the standard on properly lifting a heavy structure back to its correct level elevation and support the structure permanently. ¬† The King Pier is the Biggest & Strongest foundation Pier in the World. Made and designed to NEVER FAIL. To date, no King Pier has failed after being installed. No other foundation piering system comes close to the King Pier. Is your home #kingpierstrong?

Best Foundation Repair Contractor-Missouri