Is Your Foundation King Piers Strong?

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Is Your Foundation King Piers Strong? Weekly I get asked to look at a failing foundation that had a previous foundation repair contractor do the work.  By the time I get there, usually, a few years after the original work was completed, the work has all FAILED. I explain to the homeowners that this is […]

King Piers Workmanship

King Pier Project Portfolio

King Piers Workmanship and our pride in always going above and beyond. The 2019 Construction season is winding down to the end. The snow is right around the corner along with ice and rain. King Piers LLC does not have any layoffs. Our King Piers crew works 12 months a year and 6 days a […]

Most Wanted Foundation Repair

Most Wanted Foundation Repair! King Piers has proven over and over that we are indeed, the most wanted foundation repair specialists in the Kansas City metro area!  We know how to diagnose and treat any foundational problems that your home or commerical building may be required. Check out a few videos below to see us […]

2019 Update & Projects

Foundation Repair Kansas City

2019 Update & Projects 2019 has been a record breaking year for King Piers LLC. Our customers have been wonderful people to work for. In case you didn’t know King Piers LLC is the only foundation repair company that shoots daily videos of all our projects, from start to finish. We do this to show […]

Nations Best Standard Setting Foundation Repair

King Piers is the Nation’s best standard setting foundation repair company in the Midwest.   Contact us today to get your free estimate. Follow us on YouTube to see all our projects! Some of King Piers LLC’s 2019 projects.

Kansas City’s Best at Foundation Repair

One King Pier at a time

Best Foundation Repair – KC is King Piers LLC. King Piers LLC sets the Standard at proper Foundation Repair on every project. Our Customer Reviews speak for themselves. The transformation of the cellar in Blue Springs, Mo. proves once again the King Piers Standard setting Foundation Repair. Contact us today! Follow our YouTube Channel for […]

Standard Setting Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Kansas City

Standard Setting Foundation Repair  KING PIERS LLC IS THE HIGHEST RANKED (non paid) FOUNDATION REPAIR & PIER CONTRACTOR IN KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI! I am passionate about the work King Piers puts out.  Every project is done like it was my own home. My crews are the “cream of the crop” when it comes to efficient, […]

Top Rated Foundation Repair

One King Pier at a time

We offer top rated foundation repair services! King Piers LLC is giving the homeowners in the Midwest the very best Foundation Repair, that money can buy. Every step we take is Structural Engineering at its absolute best. The King Piers Methodology of raising a heavy structure that has settled, will raise the structure back to […]

Kansas City’s Best Foundation Repair Co.

One King Pier at a time

Kansas City’s Best Foundation Repair Co. King Piers LLC’s work ethics and Engineering sound construction procedures are in a class of their own.  The foundation repair industry in the Midwest is in my opinion not serving the customers as it should. Day in and day out my day is filled with going to houses and […]