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Blue Springs Foundation Repair

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Blue Springs Foundation Repair

May 7, 2015

The King Piers Team lifted a room addition that was sinking on the Northside room addition.  The Homeowner is a Structural Engineer with Burns & McDonald Engineers, so I was very happy to show my King Piers Foundation Pier and Methodology to a Structural Engineer. The first video at the top of the page shows the King Pier underneath the existing concrete support column holding up the corner of the room addition. The pier is sitting on a load-bearing plate with a hydraulic jack ready to slowly lift the foundation to its correct elevation.

The second part of the video shows the strength of the jacks and our methodology of raising a front porch back to level.  When we come in to do a piering job, we give results!  The homeowners even got to watch!  WOW!  Watch his reaction – it’s a true testimony of our precision and excellence in all we do.  What a relief for this homeowner!

The homeowners were very happy with the King Piers System and how it brought their room addition back to level and permanently stabilize the room addition from ever sinking again!

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