Branded as the Best at Engineering Sound Foundation Repair is King Piers LLC

King Piers LLC will be the first Pier Contractor to ever attempt lifting a commercial concrete swimming pool 3″

King Piers was awarded the contract from Steeplechase Apartments to lift their 12″ thick Concrete swimming pool 3″. After a paid search it came to our attention that lifting a sinking swimming pool has never been attempted until now! Stay tuned into our King Piers YouTube Channel to see this never before done feat, successfully lifted by King Piers LLC.

King Piers restores this old Stone foundation using our King Piers concrete mortar application. This process does 2 things, Waterproofs the walls and adds structural strength!
King Piers team stabilizes the main floor and then removes the bulging stone foundation walls and rebuilds the walls back to vertically level.
Another Historic foundation saved by King Piers LLC
This Historic home in Independence, Missouri saved by King Piers!
King Piers Saves this Historic Foundation in Independence, Missouri with our concrete bulkhead walls!
Historic Home in Independence, Missouri Final day!

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