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North Kansas City Broken Foundation Stoop Restored

A broken foundation stoop restored the King Piers Way!

King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist just finished the project in the above video. ¬†Before I started I went to the North Kansas City, Missouri City Hall to secure a Construction Permit to raise a porch that was slanted inward toward the house as well as falling away at both ends and the center of the concrete stoop had a 7″ wide crack due to the porch sinking on both ends as well as sinking inward toward the home. I will have to admit it was a slight gamble that I could actually put this broken concrete stoop back to its correct level elevation safely without the stoop caving in and the overhang of the roof ¬†falling away or collapsing in the progress of lifting this concrete stoop back to level. The City Construction Inspector said that what I was attempting to do for the homeowner in regard to the front porch was impossible. The finished porch proves that this project was a success and made possible by the expertise in raising and stabilizing deteriorated footings, porches, building, concrete floors.

Broken Foundation Stoop Restored – the King Piers Way!

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