How-To Guidance

These posts offer helpful guidance on common foundation problems.

French Drain Installation

French Drain Guidance

French Drains 101 Saint Louis Commercial Foundation Repair Leveling King Piers LLC can Raise and Stabilize any Foundation Permanently! Call 816-521-8915 or Go to

Foundation Analysis and Design Information

Foundation Analysis and Design I feel that King Piers is the BEST, therefore I source information from the best to steer our methodology.  Please see

Fixing a Bowing Basement Wall

Fixing a bowing basement wall ANSWERED! How to Fix a Bowing Basement Wall is to CONTACT KING PIERS! AND FOLLOW US ON YOUTUBE! Instructions The

Cracks in my Ceiling

What Can Cause Cracks in Ceilings? While unattractive, cracks in your ceiling usually aren’t a cause for alarm, unless they accompany other problems, such as

Types of Soil Contamination & Foundations

Soil Contamination & Foundations Contact us to learn more! Follow us on YouTube! Types of Soil Contamination Manufacturing processes, building construction, and water treatment applications

KC Contractors piers

Foundation Crack Repair Guidance & Tips

Foundation Crack Repair Guidance – So, what do you do when cracks begin to appear in your walls? Don’t pull your hair out, just read

Why are my walls cracking?

Wall Cracks 101 Why Are My Walls Cracking? Wall Cracks 101 Cracks in your walls aren’t just ugly, they can be warning signs for very

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