King Piers Project Showcase

These posts describe in detail all our projects from start to finish and show how we helped a homeowner solve a foundation repair issue.

If you are a DIY’er and want to tackle your foundation issues on your own, we offer our King Piers Methodology in a DIY kit complete with instructions, tools, and a personal walk-thru of your property (distance-dependent).

Foundation Piers in Kansas City

Foundation Piers Kansas City Today, the King Pier Team will be straightening a Cinder Block Foundation wall and installing 4 – 4″ H-Beams along

Basement Foundation Repair KC

Basement Foundation Repair KC 816-521-8915 FREE ESTIMATES! What causes foundation failure? Foundation failure is caused by one thing. Most often or not the soil that

Kansas City Foundation Repair Specialists

Stone Foundation Repair Project

Stone Foundation Repair Project – Blue Springs, MO The King Pier Team is working in North Kansas City raising a front porch concrete stoop back

Commercial Footing Stabilization Kansas City

Commercial Foundation Repair Piers Footing Stabilization Kansas City King Piers LLC 816-521-8915 FREE ESTIMATES! Senior Citizen & U.S. Military Veteran     Discounts! Tomorrow,

Concrete repair

Commercial Foundation Piers Saint Louis

Commercial Foundation Piers Saint Louis This video is of a King Piers LLC project in Overland Park Ks. where we will be installing 3 King

Commercial Foundation Piering Expert

Commercial Foundation Piering Expert This is a BEFORE picture of a warehouse concrete wall column that was leaning out 3.5″ from its correct vertical level

Commercial Piering Contractor KC Metro

Commercial Piering Contractor Kansas City King Piers LLC specializes in FOUNDATION PIERING on Commercial Buildings and Warehouses. The King Pier System is a very strong

King Pier ready for concrete stabilizing

King Pier Up Close & Personal

Commercial Foundation Piering Missouri and surrounding areas! King Piers has a flawless record of RAISING & PERMANENTLY STABILIZING COMMERCIAL buildings and WAREHOUSES.   Each KING

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