King Piers Project Showcase

These posts describe in detail all our projects from start to finish and show how we helped a homeowner solve a foundation repair issue.

If you are a DIY’er and want to tackle your foundation issues on your own, we offer our King Piers Methodology in a DIY kit complete with instructions, tools, and a personal walk-thru of your property (distance-dependent).

Project Portfolio

Project Portfolio Update!  Check out some of the cool and exciting projects that King Piers has had the honor of working on for all types

Peculiar Missouri

Foundation Piers in Peculiar

Foundation Piers in Peculiar King Piers LLC  816-521-8915 And that folks, are foundation piers in Peculiar, Missouri! Tomorrow, the King Pier Team will be heading

Peculiar Missouri

Foundation Repair in Peculiar

Foundation Repair in Peculiar 816-521-8915 FREE ESTIMATES! Check out this video of the King Pier Team getting ready to raise this sinking house in Peculiar,

Peculiar Missouri

Peculiar Missouri Foundation Update

Peculiar Missouri Foundation Update- As promised check out the video of the Peculiar, Mo. King Pier Project! King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist 816-521-8915

Commercial Building Project

Missouri Commercial Foundation Pier Specialist Kansas City

Missouri Commercial Foundation Piering Commercial Foundation Piers Kansas City – YouTube Commercial Foundation Piers in Overland Park – YouTube Missouri Commercial Foundation Piering The King


Lift & Tilt a Warehouse Wall

Lift & Tilt a Warehouse Wall! Another Foundation Piering System Failed to Raise & Stabilize this Warehouse back to its correct elevation. The owners got

Foundation Specialists Missouri Kansas

Foundation Specialists Missouri Kansas King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist 816-521-8915 The King Pier Team will finish up the job in Kansas City, Mo

King Pier vs Helical Pier

The King Pier vs Helical Piers Kansas City

The King Pier vs Helical Piers Kansas City King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist 816-521-8915 Contact us today! Follow us on YouTube – we film

Commercial Footing Raise

Commercial Footing Permanently Raise Stabilize KC King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist 816-521-8915. Check out this King Pier Video below at the Cameron Christian Church!

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