King Piers Project Showcase

These posts describe in detail all our projects from start to finish and show how we helped a homeowner solve a foundation repair issue.

If you are a DIY’er and want to tackle your foundation issues on your own, we offer our King Piers Methodology in a DIY kit complete with instructions, tools, and a personal walk-thru of your property (distance-dependent).

Fireplace Stabilization

Fireplace stabilization in Blue Springs Missouri  Check out this video of a FIREPLACE being pushed back tight against the house and then stabilized at the

Concrete repair

Floor Joist Project

See below for our next floor joist project. Kansas City Commercial Building Foundation Piers Missouri King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist 816-521-8915 The King

Working alongside our customer

At King Piers, we believe in working alongside our customer when they want to be involved! Day 3 in Concordia, Missouri where we are piering

KC Stone Foundation Repair Project

KC Stone Foundation Repair Project The King Pier Team working on a stone foundation project in Kansas City, Missouri.  99% of all stone foundations that

Concrete repair

Gladstone Foundation Repair Specialist Parkville

Gladstone Foundation Repair Specialist Parkville 816-521-8915 FREE ESTIMATES! Follow us on YouTube King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist (816)521-8915 or

Unstable Soil Project Update

Unstable Soil Project Update Contact King Piers for all your foundation needs! Follow us on YouTube as well, to see all our projects in action.

NKC Sinking Concrete Porch

NKC Sinking Concrete Porch –  Today the King Pier Team was in NORTH KANSAS CITY preparing to Pier up a sinking concrete front porch  

Services by King Piers

Customized solutions for anything foundation that is causing you headaches, stress or worry.  We work with you to determine the solution and WE keep you INFORMED EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!  we want you to trust us – it is vital to our service package that you are overly satisfied with your job’s completion.

Happy Customer

King Piers Referrals

King Piers Referrals show our success! Since June of 2013, most of the King Piers – Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System customers are from