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If you are a DIY’er and want to tackle your foundation issues on your own, we offer our King Piers Methodology in a DIY kit complete with instructions, tools, and a personal walk-thru of your property (distance-dependent).

Best Stone Foundation Repair Experts

Stone Foundation Repair – What to Do? Owning a historic property with an old stone foundation can be an interesting experience. Those with a strong

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Help! Fix my Basement!

Fix my Basement Kansas City Recently, we found a very unusual subgrade under a concrete garage floor while preparing to install our 3 King Piers.

DIY Foundation Piers

DIY Foundation Piers King Piers LLC is now offering our foundation piering system to homeowners across the United States. If your home is sinking and


The first step in preventing water damage is stopping it from entering your basement. This can be done by making sure there are no cracks

Patented Foundation Piering System

The King Pier is the King of all Piers

The King Pier is the King of all piers! Each King Pier contains approximately 3 Cubic Yards of High Strength Concrete, encased around 600 pounds

Foundation repair specialists

Best Foundation Crack Repair Advice

Hey Blue Springs, MO!  Need your foundation repaired?  Give King Piers a call today! Not convinced?  Check out our YouTube channel, we film every job

Do you Own a Commercial Building?

You’ve worked hard to build your business. We know that, and we want to help keep it safe. That’s why King Piers is your expert

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