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King Pier Earth Pier

The King Piers Methodology is vastly different than all other foundation pier systems. The King Piers System is known as a “Footing Support Pier”.  If you have ever built a home, you would know that the City in which you live has minimum specifications in regards to building your home.  King Piers LLC developed a pier system that will not contaminate your soil in the process of raising a sunken footing back to it’s correct level elevation.  Soil Contamination is common with other pier systems. Example; When excavating down to the footing to prepare for the installation of the pier, hydraulic fluid infiltrates from the pier method thus drips into the soil causing “soil contamination”.  The King Piers System is the only pier system offered to the public at this time that guarantees to lift a sunken footing back to it’s correct level elevation, GUARANTEED, no matter how big or heavy the home or building is, King Piers LLC GUARANTEES  to lift your footing back to level, without contaminating of the soil.  The King Piers, Footing Support Pier is not only the proven Best in the industry, but the King Piers Footing Support Pier is the Biggest & Strongest Pier being sold and installed in the USA!

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