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Cinder Block Foundation Repair

Cinder Block Foundation Repair

Today King Piers worked on a cinder block foundation wall that was falling away from the house. Using the King Pier system, we literally straightened the wall back to its correct vertical position. The King Pier System is the newest approach to foundation stabilization. The King Pier is the heaviest and sturdiest foundation pier on the market today. The King Pier system was engineered by Jim King. The King Pier has been placed under thousands of homes in the Missouri and Kansas. The King Pier system is guaranteed to not only bring your home back to its correct elevation, but stabilize it from future settlement. King Piers has hundreds of happy customers and can supply anyone needing a qualified and proven foundation repair contractor literally hundreds of happy customer testimonials. King Piers will come out to your home and give your foundation a thorough inspection and tell you exactly what needs to be done to fix whatever the problem may be. Call Jim King today at 816-521-8915 for a free estimate. You can also contact us by going to our website,

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