Cinderblock Rebuild

Cinderblock Rebuild

The King Piers Team is divided up this week. One crew is installing 6 King Pier I’s in Easton, Missouri, and working on stabilizing the existing foundation with 5 King Pier II’s and installing wood support beams running horizontal and vertical to the concrete floor to support the main floor living area floor joists that are sagging. This procedure has to be done on this project because the house is on the verge of collapse. One of the foundation walls is actually leaning against the hot water heater. Another cinder block wall is leaning on a water line which is crimped due to the pressure of the wall on it. The King Piers Team will rebuild all of the cinder block walls back to their correct vertical a structurally sound position.

The King Piers Team will go anywhere in the United States to save a sinking building or house. The King Pier is the proclaimed Biggest and Strongest Foundation Pier being sold today. The King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System is a Green Foundation Piering System. The King Piers way is to never drill holes into an already deteriorated concrete footing or foundation wall. Contractors using Piering Systems that require drilling holes into a footing or foundation are doing nothing but ruining the footing and lessening the structural integrity of the footing. King Piers LLC ALWAYS uses Engineering Sound Construction Techniques and takes SAFETY as our number 1 priority.

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