Commercial Building Project

Commercial Concrete Sinking Project

Commercial Building Project

Commercial Concrete Sinking Project – check out our work on a church in Polo, Missouri and how we helped the community save their place of worship and fellowship.  Proud to be the leading experts in commercial foundation repair.

The King Piers Team is starting a 11 King Pier installation project in Polo, Missouri today. This church has severe settlement going on that started during the 2012 drought. Generally speaking the soil out in the country is generally very black rich topsoil. By the time we get down to the bottom of the footing we most always get into clay. The other foundation piering systems out there go down to bedrock by hydraulically pushing 3″ diameter tubes down to bedrock or refusal. The King Pier system/method is a system that is Proclaimed to be the BIGGEST & STRONGEST Foundation Pier on the market today. Check out our page and check out the King Piers A+ Rating!

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