Commercial Footing Stabilization Kansas City

Commercial Footing Stabilization Kansas City

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Not every foundation settlement problem requires stabilization. There are several factors to consider before proceeding with foundation stabilization and lifting. The magnitude of movement, the distress being caused to the building, the age of the building, the cost of stabilizing the foundations, the destruction to the area around the building, and destruction to other structures adjacent to the area to be stabilized.

Foundation stabilization and lifting are typically done by one of two methods. The first method is to hydraulically push a steel pile into the ground using the weight of the building as a reaction force. The second method utilizes a steel shaft with one or more “threads” or helical-shaped steel plates at the beginning of the anchor which allows the steel shaft to be turned or screwed into the ground. This anchor relies on the “threads” bearing on stable and adequate soils to support the building loads. Both methods of foundation stabilization and lifting are commonly referred to as piering.

The King Pier Team will finish up the 3 King Pier job in Kansas City, Mo. Tomorrow.  Next on our list is a quick 2 pier job in Peculiar, Missouri. Stay tuned for videos and pictures!