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Commercial Foundation Piers Saint Louis

Commercial Foundation Piers Saint Louis

This video is of a King Piers LLC project in Overland Park Ks. where we will be installing 3 King Piers under the footing on the outer foundation garage wall. We will also be replacing a good percentage of the garage floor where it was sinking. The video shows that the garage floor was sitting on 4 ft. of River sand. Sand will compact well if it’s surrounded solidly so that sand can’t escape from underneath what it’s holding up. In this case, the 2012 drought we encountered in 2012 caused the dirt sub-grade underneath the sand dropped the sand followed along with part of the garage floor.  The 1 important factor most people don’t know or realize is that almost all home footings are designed to fail! Why? I don’t know! The most common concrete footing I see and you can see in our videos are 2ft in width and 3.5″ to 6″ in thickness. The concrete that is used for footings is low strength and contains Fly Ash. Why? I don’t know! The King Pier System is basically 5 ft 6.5″ of HIGH STRENGTH CONCRETE that is fully encased around 2 King Pier Steel Load Bearing Plates and the King Pier totaling 300 pounds after the sunken footing has been raised back to its correct level elevation.  The King Pier way is a GREEN way. You will never find hydraulic fluid in the yard during our installation of the King Pier. Notice that the below picture of the King Pier. There are NO DRILLING HOLES into the FOOTING or FOUNDATION WALL EVER with the KING PIER SYSTEM! You can find King Piers LLC anywhere on the web; SEARCH ENGINES! Search the Keywords: Foundation Repair Kansas City, Foundation Piers Kansas City, Foundation Piering Kansas City, Footing Stabilization Kansas City, Commercial Foundation Piers Kansas City. I used the city Kansas City as the city in Search. If you don’t live in Kansas City just type in your city or town at the end of the keywords. Also for you Twitter folks, the King Piers LLC hashtag is #kingpierstrong

Commercial Foundation Piers St. Louis

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