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Tomorrow, will be a big day for the King Pier Team. In Overland Park, Ks. we will be pouring our 1st pour of high strength concrete 3ft thick in the 3 King Pier holes. A King Pier 1/2 Load Bearing Steel Plate will be sitting 49″ below the footing prior to dumping the 3ft of high strength concrete. Friday morning we will be ready to lift and stabilize the sunken footing back to its correct level elevation. In Blue Spring, Mo.  the rain has us delayed in raising a sinking corner of the garage. Just as soon as the rain lets up I will get my laser level set up and the start raising the sunken CONCRETE FOOTING back to its correct level elevation.  Commercial Foundation Repair Piers Footing Stabilization Kansas City is King Piers!

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King Piers LLC offers a Top Quality Foundation Pier that has Stabilized and saved homes from severe sinking do to the 2012 DROUGHT. In many sections of the Midwest we are still in a DROUGHT. The King Pier Excavated holes are dry once we get 3′ down below yard elevations.

What sets the King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing STabilization System apart of other methods? The King Pier System used ONLY HIGH STRENGTH CONCRETE & 1/2″ STEEL KING PIER LOAD BEARING PLATES & the KING PIER! There is Never any drilling holes into the existing footing or foundation wall when using the King Pier System.  The KING PIER SYSTEM is a 100% ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Foundation Piering & Footing Stabilization System!

Check out this COMMERCIAL FOUNDATION PIER project at the Optimal Health Care Clinic in Overland Park, Kansas.  Hundreds of other videos can be found on YouTube

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