Concrete Foundation Repair in Kansas City

Understanding Your Concrete Foundation Slab

concrete foundation repair in KC

What is a Concrete Slab?

A slab is a single concrete base, with footings and other load-bearing elements added in for extra strength and stability (AND there are several types of concrete foundation slabs). This composition of materials works together seamlessly to anchor the home, while the exterior walls and interior load-barring walls rest on the slab. There is almost no separation between the home and the slab which has its own pros and cons (but we’ll get to that below!) If your concrete slab was poured correctly on a level lot with proper draining pre-planned and installed, you should enjoy many years of comfortable security.  Soil conditions, weather, and structural integrity play a large role in the longevity of a concrete slab, so it is in a homeowner’s best interest to keep a careful watch on the slab for tell-tale signs of ongoing foundation issues.  But worry not…with King Piers on your side as your concrete foundation repair expert & guide, you’ll do just fine!

Benefits of a concrete slab

It’s easy to build a concrete slab (think lower labor costs)

Slabs help keep rodents and other critters causing damage to a minimum

A concrete slab has limited space for foreign elements to enter

Slabs are generally less expensive to heat and cool

Easy entry into the home, only one or two steps

Disadvantages of a concrete slab

Since slabs are relatively cheap to build, this can negatively impact the resale value of the home

If systems such as air conditioning, heater are connected through the slab, repairs can be costly due to access issues

Pesky termites have easier access to the wood material of the home.

We also can help keep you and your family safe during scary weather – Check out our Concrete Storm Shelter Service!

Concrete Foundation Repair in Kansas City Metro

At King Piers LLC, our team of foundation repair experts includes fully insured concrete slab repair specialists and we love to help any customer, anywhere, out of any jam. With King Piers on your side, we can identify your home or business slab repair issues and help you address them long before they become more serious problems. Give us a call, we’re only a short drive away.

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