The first step in preventing water damage is stopping it from entering your basement. This can be done by making sure there are no cracks or holes where the rainwater might meet whatever you’re storing down below, such as personal possessions and moldy items that could start growing because of this moisture present inside everyday spaces

–  The path of least resistance will take these things right up towards areas prone to expansion so keeping an eye out anywhere gaps seem excessive would help ensure nothing gets ruined!

King Piers LLC. has the solution for stopping water from entering your basement through the cracks in your walls. We use a 3-step process that has been proven many times.

Using a proven 3-step process beginning on the outside of the home and ending at the site of the crack, our solution involves injecting epoxy at 6’ intervals along the crack line that dries harder than concrete and guarantees to stop the current and future water infiltration problem. Injecting epoxy is the best way to stop water leaks from entering through wall cracks. The epoxy fills the entire foundation crack and once in the crack, it begins to dry and harden at a level of a stronger than concrete psi. This epoxy fills the crack and prevents future water leaks. Water will remain outside of the wall and will not be able to penetrate the wall.


One of the main advantages to the injection of epoxy is that is a permanent fix because the epoxy dries harder than concrete. This durable formula allows for a  complete stabilization of the inner wall and crack. This specially formulated epoxy can even be injected into actively leaking cracks, stopping water within minutes. The advantages of ECP polyurethane are:

  • Weld strength is stronger than concrete
  • Works best on dry surfaces
  • Works exceptionally well on concrete, wood, and metal surfaces
  • Can be applied on most interior & exterior surfaces

Epoxy injections are specially formulated to permanently restore structural strength to cracked concrete by welding the crack together. To assure that the injection will be the solution for your crack – there are three levels of thickness: high, medium, and low. The epoxy crack repair method is economical and relatively hassle-free.

Don’t hesitate to contact King Piers LLC for a free estimate for your wall crack injections using epoxy. Your foundation cracks will be filled and water will not be able to penetrate through, keeping your basement free from water.

Our Services Epoxy Injection page can provide more information.

We’ve put together a Water Infiltration Solution YouTube Playlist just for you! Go check out the many ways we handle this unique problem.