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King Piers LLC should be your FIRST choice if you’re needing an expert evaluation of your foundation walls or floor.  King Piers LLC’s CEO & President Jim King has designed a Foundation Pier that actually works. The helical type piering systems are fancy but in reality, a high percentage of helical type piers will fail again in a short period of time. Why these systems come with a lifetime warranty is beyond reasonable thinking. Many homeowners we have spoken to before installing our King Piers a few years after they hired a contractor to install some type of helical pier simply got the wool pulled over their eyes concerning a lifetime warranty.

The King Piers Foundation Piering System is the Biggest and Strongest Foundation Piering System being installed today. The King Piers Methodology of lifting a very heavy structure without ever drilling any holes into the footing or foundation wall.  Drilling holes into an already broken and weak footing that is generally always thin and narrow does nothing but further damage the footing. You will never see a King Piers job where any holes have been drilled in the wall or footing.

The unique difference about the King Pier is we use cold rolled half-inch steel plates and pipe welded especially together making the King Pier. The King Pier Load-bearing steel plate is 2ft x 3ft. Steel shims are always used after the King Pier has raised the footing back to its correct level elevation. The final step is to fully encase the King Pier using High Strength Concrete, provided by the local concrete supplier.

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