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Dry Foundation Kansas City

Dry Foundation Kansas City 

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The King Piers LLC Team of foundation repair professionals are providing homeowners a solution to their sinking & wet basement.  For 35 years Jim King has been repairing foundations. His copyrighted book on his King Pier Methodology is changing the foundation industry everyday. The thousands of five start customer reviews proves that King Piers LLC is setting the standard for proper foundation repair.

Before & After photos taken of this concrete column that was leaning out 3.5 inches until King Piers LLC Team tilted this leaning column back to vertically level by lifting and tilting the footing.
No other pier system in the World can do this, that’s why they called the King Pier Pros!
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 Dry Foundation Kansas City

Day 13: Stone Foundation Renovation/Cinderblock Wall Installation

The west cinderblock wall is still under construction in the basement of this home.

Once this wall is complete, we will finish up the stone foundation renovation part of this project by sealing the newly mortared walls with white DryLok waterproofing paint.

In addition, there is a small section of the basement floor that we will need to level out the dirt subgrade prior to pouring new concrete in that gap to make it flush with the existing concrete floor.

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