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EASY FINANCING with King Piers

EASY FINANCING-Foundation Repair Kansas City

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EASY FINANCING-Foundation Repair Kansas City

Finally, a foundation pier that you can trust to lift your home back to its correct level elevation as well as keeping it level FOREVER! The King Pier was designed to withstand Mother Natures’ severe weather. The King Pier has been installed under thousands of homes throughout the Midwest in the last 10 years without a failed pier. The footings under the homes are generally inadequate in strength as well as size. It makes no sense to build a home on a footing that is thin and small. The load-bearing weight of the home will be too much for the footing in time and in most cases, homes will start to sink unevenly during dry weather summer seasons. The Midwest experienced this during the drought of 2012. The soil is still parched, and the Midwest is still under the threat of another drought coming in 2015. Keep your home on solid ground.

We offer easy financing options for those that are in need of some assistance to maintain the structural integrity of your home or commercial building.  It is important to us that you have a home to live in that is structurally sound and are willing to get creative with you to assist.  Contact us today and we’re happy to listen and problem-solve with you.  King Piers CARES!

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