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Emergency Backhoe & Excavation Service

Emergency Backhoe & Excavation Service 

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King Piers LLC is Kansas City’s Real No. 1 Foundation Repair Contractor. The King Piers Methodology involves the excavation of perfectly excavated square holes with perfect vertical sides of the hole. We use the walls as forms when we backfill our King Pier with High Strength Concrete after the existing sunken footing is brought back to it’s correct level elevation.

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  1. King Piers.  King Piers is an award-winning Kansas City foundation repair contractor. The company’s mission is to perform their work safely and productively, while meeting their Client’s schedules.  King Piers provides their foundation repair clients with superior quality on each and every project through operational efficiency, a highly productive workforce, and experienced and knowledgeable supervision. King Piers LLC is committed to provide each and every job site with a specific Quality Control Plan to ensure that project requirements are met throughout the construction phase of the project. The King Piers Team is specially trained in the “King Pier Methodology” of lifting heavy structures back to their correct elevation. Foundation repair services include: Foundation Piers, Concrete Repair, Basement Waterproofing, Stone Foundation Repair, Commercial Foundation Repair and Epoxy Injection. Learn more at: