Epoxy Injection Methodology

Epoxy Injection Methodology


King Piers LLC team of foundation crack repair specialist are equipped to permanently fill a foundation crack using Epoxy Injection. The process is relatively simple for a full proof crack repair job. Starting at the beginning of the crack we drill a 1/2″ hole. Air blow the hole. Concrete dust from drilling the hole does not adhere to the epoxy. ┬áThe hole should be drilled +/- 1″. Insert Epoxy port into the drilled hole. After all the holes are drilled, blown clean, ports inserted, the drilled holes and hairline crack needs to be sealed with a fast setting concrete mortar or equal type of material. This is very important when beginning to insert the Epoxy into the ports. If the ports and hairline crack are not sealed the epoxy will ooze out of the crack and portholes onto the wall. Remember, that you want the epoxy inside the crack and not onto the face of the wall. Beginning at the start of the crack begin injecting the epoxy in the first port. Once the Epoxy is injected in the first port you will see the epoxy fill the 2nd port. Move to the 2nd port after capping off the first port. Begin injecting the Epoxy in the 2nd port until it moves to the 3rd port and son on…

Once complete, we will come back the next day and cut off the Epoxy Ports flush to the wall and cover the entire surface of the crack using NP1 Polyurethane.

The King Piers LLC Team of Foundation Repair Specialist will travel anywhere in the United States to Save a Sinking building, house, or structure!

Epoxy Injection Foundation Crack Repair Kansas City

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