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Foundation Wall Crack Repair – Epoxy Injection Specialist

Epoxy Injection Specialist

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Epoxy injection into a hairline crack in your foundation wall step by step instructions by the Crack repair specialist 

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Using a wire brush, rub crack thoroughly to remove any debris from crack. 

2. Using an electric hand drill with a 1/2″ concrete drill bit start drilling holes 1″ into the start of the crack continuing to the end of crack. Holes will be spaced apart 6″ to 8″ apart, depending on the crack. 

3. Inset plastic hollow ports into the 1/2″ drilled holes. 

4. Using quick setting synthetic concrete mortar around the ports and in between the ports covering the crack from start to finish.

5. After this step is completed, we will come back to the home the next day to start the Epoxy Injection into the Plastic hollow ports.  This will allow the concrete mortar to set up properly before the epoxy injection.    

6. At the beginning of the crack and at the first port, begin injecting epoxy into the port slowly until the Epoxy comes the through the next port.

7. Cap the ports as you move down the crack epoxy injection from start to finish.         

 8. Once the epoxy has been injected into the ports from start to finish, let the epoxy harden until the next day.

9.  The next day cut the ports off as close to flush to the concrete foundation wall as possible. Once all of the plastic ports have been cut off apply NP 1 Polyurethane over the entire crack for addition crack sealing. This will be applied using a caulk gun and polyurethane applicator.

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