pier encased in concrete after install

Experts in Foundation Repair Kansas City

Experts in Foundation Repair Kansas City

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The King Piers System is taking the MIDWEST by STORM! Homeowner’s and Business Owners are calling King Piers LLC for an HONEST look at what is going on with foundation issues. ┬áMy system makes it very easy and affordable to RAISE and STABILIZE a SINKING FOUNDATION WALL at the FOOTING. If your foundation is leaning in or out the King Pier Team can also Permanently STRAIGHTEN and STABILIZE a concrete foundation wall without drilling holes or causing more damage to the wall than what already exists. People all over the MIDWEST will vouch that when they call me I will take the time to properly evaluate what the problem is with a foundation. It’s not uncommon for me to bear crawl through a CRAWL SPACE to evaluate properly what may be the problem. I never charge for an estimate and never will. My flawless record of Permanently raising and stabilizing a foundation wall at the footing still stands. The simple fact that the King Piers System is a very STRONG Pier. For example; Each King Pier contains approximately 4 Cubic Yards of High Strength Concrete encased around 300 pounds of STEEL.

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Picture of the King Pier awaiting to be encased with high strength concrete, up to the top of the footing.

2nd Pour of High Strength Concrete, Fully Encasing the King Pier.