Exposed Failed Foundation Repair Rip Off

Exposed Failed Foundation Repair Rip-off!

Exposed Failed Foundation Repair Rip Off

Virtually on a daily basis I see work from other foundation repair companies that basically sold the customers on a bill of goods that ends up not good and the homeowners are forced to make a costly and unwanted repair all over again. This has happened because the previous contractor didn’t understand the original underlying issue or just completed work to get the job done and collect a check.

Get your work done correctly the first time, call King Piers LLC.

King Piers LLC prides ourselves on being the absolute best at straightening a wall that’s leaning inward or outward, lifting a footing that has sunk do to drought, time or due to substandard compactable soil.  Time tested and proven the King Piers Methodology is far above the rest.  The King Piers Team will travel anywhere in the USA to save a sinking Building, Home or Structure! King Piers LLC is the ONLY Footing Support Pier in the industry. No other system GUARANTEES to raise a sinking footing back to level, no matter how many inches the footing has sunk.  If you desire 5 Star Foundation Repair on your home or building, King Piers LLC is the right choice! Call today for a free No Obligation Estimate on proper foundation repair.

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