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Water infused clay soil expansion under a house causes upheaval. This is usually due to a breakdown of the footing drains. Approximately 25-30 years after a house is built, footing drains begin to fail.

Foundation problems such as foundation sinking or a major upheaval can be caused by water accumulation along one area of a house. The Midwest is especially prone to these types of issues as a result of its expansive soil. A proper drainage solution becomes a necessity to solve the upheaval problem.

French drains are primarily designed to remove water from an area that is saturated with water on a regular basis. As part of a drainage correction and foundation repair program, French Drains are sometimes installed to eradicate standing water or high water soil saturation.

Depending upon the size of the job, our foundation repair solution is generally completed in 1-3 days. Due the curing process, concrete foundation repairs usually take 2 – 10 days.

Foundation cracks can have one or more causes, including:

  • Excess water around the foundation due to heavy rains, melting snow, plumbing leaks, poorly installed gutters and poor lot drainage
  • Soil expansion and contraction caused by seasonal cycles of rain and drought, type of soil and improper soil preparation prior to construction
  • Settling due to large tree root systems under or next to the foundation, or soil settling due to poor preparation

While it’s always best to confirm a suspected problem by getting a free inspection by King Piers, LLC, there are certain tale-tale signs that may indicate you have a foundation problem.

  • You see cracks in bricks or mortar joints
  • Your chimney is leaning or separating from the home
  • You notice gaps between the fascia and exterior walls
  • Your windows and/or doors no longer shut tightly
  • Your exterior doors are sticking, and interior doors don’t open or close easily
  • You see cracks in your garage floor or around your garage door
  • Your property has developed a new drainage pattern after a rain
  • Your water bill has increased, indicating a possible broken pipe
  • Your floors are warping or buckling, or the slope has changed
  • Your tiles are cracking or separating from each other
  • You see cracks in your plaster or drywall, or the wallpaper is tearing
  • Your basement walls are bowing or cracking

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