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Footing failure project

Footing failure project

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The King Piers LLC Team just finished up a 3 week project in Gladstone, Missouri. This was a particularly tough project due to that the foundation had collapsed and was settling on 3 sides of the home. The only reason that the foundation sinks in because of FOOTING FAILURE. Most residential concrete footing lack the proper size and strength to hold up the load bearing weight of a home. Why are footing undersized? The specifications at the Public Works Department in your city that discuss foundation footing construction, the MINIMUM requirement per the specifications are what most all builders go by. The install the minimum that is acceptable to the Permit Department that is part of the Public Works Department.  Footing failure is common in the Midwest where back in 2012 the Midwest experienced a sever drought.  The millions of homes that had footing failures will eventually if not repaired will cost the homeowners a lot of money and in many cases bankruptcy.  The King Piers Methodology is like night and day in comparing the King Pier to other foundation piering systems. The King Piers System uses 1/2 inch steel load bearing plates, King Pier and High Strength Concrete after the existing concrete footing has been raised back to it’s true level elevation. The King Pier is the proclaimed Biggest and Strongest Foundation Piering System ever engineered. The King Piers LLC Team of experts in the King Pier Methodology will fix your foundation issue the FIRST TIME! The King Piers Team will travel anywhere in the USA to Save a Sinking Building, Structure or Home. 

Job well done on this footing failure project!

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